snafu /snaˈfuː,ˈsnafuː/

noun a confused or chaotic state; a mess
adjective in utter confusion or chaos


What a happy day when I happened upon the word snafu! Admittedly, it was quite recent (read: last month). I had no idea that such a fabulous word existed to describe mess and chaos. I was perusing some or other wedding blog (as you’ll come to know, I’m somewhat obsessed with marrying the Bear) when I read a sentence describing the snafu that ensued at some or other wedding when some or other supplier did some or other terrible thing. Truthfully, I couldn’t focus on the rest of the sentence as soon as I’d finished reading snafu. I was so curious about this delicious mixture of letters that flitted so beautifully from my lips and sounded so wonderful. And to describe chaos no less! Glorious!

Of course, since then I’ve been using the poor thing to death. Ugh, my desk is complete snafu! To cancel now would be to enter a world of snafu. Could that convoluted sentence have been any more snafu? Why do I love this word so much?

Well, I think because for me it represents the outlook of an optimist.

Chaos – complete disorder and confusion – is dark. It paints an image of absolute lack of control or harmony. Gridlock traffic? Chaos! A closet with clothes shoved in? Chaos! A fridge filled with leftovers and something in the corner that you’ve deliberately avoided for months because you once think you saw it moving? Chaos (and disgusting)! Chaos is hopeless. Chaos is overwhelming. Chaos is defeated.

Enter snafu.

Snafu is like an eternally optimistic friend. No matter how depressing (or dirty) your life is, snafu’s that one person who says thing like well, your life can only get better. Or, it’s OK that everything is upside down – it gives you the chance to practice turning things the right way round again. And what about, look at the bright side – you grew something, even if it was in your fridge. Snafu is upbeat! Snafu is can-do! Snafu is hopeful!

Life can be chaotic. But with a little shift in perspective and some new words, we can manage the snafu. Here’s to lives with a little less chaos but a some more snafu.



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